Friday, November 2, 2007

Journaling..(and kids)(:

Recently I've been challenged as I said in an earlier Motherhood Post to reasses my training of my children. I had a wonderful conversation with a friend the other day and we both feel similar in that we are wanting to be better at the job the Lord has given us but we both admitted we feel unsure at times on how to proceed. So after some discussion we've decided to keep a little journal and to try and regularly encourage eachother to seek the Lord. I sat down this morning to do my daily through the bible in a year reading in Numbers 16!! So at first I thought.. I'm not sure how this is going to apply to me as a mother but nonetheless the scripture itself says ALL scripture is profitable... So as I read through the chapter it was talking about Korah and Dathan and Abiram who decided they could do the job Moses and Aaron were doing just as well as they could. They came up against them and challenged them. Moses told them to get their incense ready and then God would decide who's to do what. (This is obviously me telling the story in my own words. If you want the real deal read Numbers 16 eh!) Anyway the end of the matter was that God was not happy with them trying to be something they were not meant to be. God had given them a job to help in the tabernacle. They were not to run the show! So after they get swallowed up into the earth for this sin of rebellion, I began to think.. hey.. I was given a place.. don't take it lightly and don't look to be something I wasn't given to be. So I was given to be a mom and wife and that's just what I ought to be about doing. (Nothing new here folks.. just a good reminder.) Also the fire went out and consumed up the rest of the folk who were burning incense that shouldn't have been. And if that wasn't a good enough warning to the rest of the nation they began to murmur again the next day and the wrath of God was kindled and the plaque began spreading through the people. So Aaron took his incense and ran into the middle of the people and stood between the dead and the living and the plaque stopped! 14,700 people died that day and were it not for Aaron interceeding as it were on the behalf of the people many more would have gone too! My thought was on the power of prayer then. So if Aaron can affect a change through intercession on the behalf of the people then perhaps I can affect a change through intercession on the behalf of my children. I need to pray for my children! Ok.. so that's the product of my first journaling experience.

Here are some pictures of the kids playing at the park. This picture was obviously the end of the roll and it makes it look like chloe is leaning forward there just to stay in the picture and not drop off the "end of the roll" as it were!:)

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