Saturday, February 24, 2007

"The Look"

Well Chloe has got "The Look" down already... Haha. Just thought I'd post a few pictures of the children as of late. Things here are going well. There have been a few days where we feel spring coming! We were delighted to find out that the growing season here is better than Timmins and even Sudbury!!! (sorry guys!) hehe But we hope to be able to plant something somewhere. It seems every year we have a garden but we have moved so often that we have never had the chance to make a good go of it but have been blessed with what we have gotten from it. We are still new at gardening however so we will keep at it and hopefully learn from all our attempts:) John is starting to chat more now. He often repeats what we say and is beginning to imitate animal sounds. Chloe and him are starting to get along better which i'm very thankful for. John is still very clingy to mommy and I hope that he will be a little more independent before our new arrival in the summer. We are planning a trip back to ontario in the summer but no firm plans. I'll keep you all posted. (A quick dip down to say... Lincon Nebraska might be nice.. but Dave may have something to say about that!!) hehe. Chloe also said her first memory verse at sunday school last week!!! God is love! What a big girl she is getting to be. Oh!! I had another ultrasound done on friday. I was pleased that Dave was able to get the afternoon off. He took the children and got some needed paperwork done in town while I was at the ultrasound. This time I got to see the baby and get a picture!!!:) How thankful to the Lord I was for this unexpected opportunity. He knows our hearts! So thankyou Lord! And thankyou Dave for taking the time.
Well both the children have had the flu of some sort this past week. I hope dave and I escape without getting it. But John is back to normal, and Chloe although not throwing up is still not a big eater and is lacking in energy but is on the mend. So again thanks to the Lord.
Ok that's all for now Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well last night the children and I made a party for daddy. I emailed dave at work with the subject "party tonight" his response... "party?... count me in.." hehe so we put up streamers and balloons and put on the red table cloth with fake flowers and all hehe. We had heart shaped pancakes with our sausage and potatoes. And chocolate cake with vanilla frozen yogurt for desert. It was fun. Then we played with balloons in the living room and went for a bried walk outside with the children. Then the children went to bed and Dave and I had a nice evening just visiting and chatting. Our company that's been living with us I asked to spend the night back at her own home so we enjoyed our time. Happy Valentine's Day to all!!
PS.. we did our little party last night because I have quilting tonight..(you just can't skip quilting you know!!!) hehe
Love Amy

Friday, February 9, 2007

Nobody Knows...

Nobody knows of the work it makes
To keep the home together,

Nobody knows of the steps it takes,
Nobody knows--but mother.

Nobody listens to childish woes,
Which kisses only smother;

Nobody's pained by naughty blows,
Nobody--only mother.

Nobody knows of the sleepless care
Bestowed on baby brother;

Nobody knows of the tender prayer,
Nobody--only mother.

Nobody knows of the lessons taught
Of loving one another;

Nobody knows of the patience sought,
Nobody--only mother.

Nobody knows of the anxious fears,
Lest darlings may not weather

The storm of life in after years,
Nobody knows--but mother.

Nobody kneels at the throne above
To thank the Heavenly Father

For that sweetest gift--a mother's love;
Nobody can--but mother.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

Well these are some of the recent snack attack photos in the kitchen. Chloe as you can probably tell isn't too willing to share her cheese and crackers with John. Also there is the "dish doing" view, also referred to as the kitchen window in many homes! Love the Campsall Clan

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Recent Happenings

Today the sun is shining bright and the kids are both napping as I type away! I finally got batteries for our camera! Took pictures.. and alas.. i cannot find the cord to plug the camera into the computer:( So pictures will be forthcoming if I can find the cord(maybe Dave will know)

Anyhow. The Lord provides in ways that we just can't imagine and can hardly begin to thank Him for! Recently Dave got a bonus from work for the New Year. Also.. our old station wagon has recently been laid to rest as the shaking and backfiring were a little too much for the old beast to overcome! Thus we were in need of a new vehicle. Seeing as our family is expanding just about once every year or so we thought a van may be helpful as a next vehicle. We found a 97 plymouth voyager, green in colour and grey interior with double sliding doors just under our budget by about 100 dollars!! What a blessing from the Lord. We are so pleased.

Also.... Dave found out (get this!!) by talking to the car dealer that there was a QUILTING class starting up in town here. (I wonder how men in a car dealership get on to the topic of quilting!) Anyway happy for me.. Dave told me of it and offered to watch the children if I wanted to join the class!! What a gem! So I was there with smiles at my first class on Wednesday night. I chose pink (and if you know me at all you know I'm not a big pink fan) to make a double Irish chain quilt for my daughter Chloe. It's a twin so should do her till she's married! hehe. I'm quite thrilled and it gives this mom a little break to do something just for mom.

Other than that Dave is busy at work these days. Lots to do and they have hired one fellow from Europe who is here now for about 3 months. Also another fellow arrived from Ireland yesterday I think Dave said. All to be working with Dave. So it keeps him on his toes at work and often snoring on the sofa at home!:) It's amazing how they can sleep through children jumping and squealing all about them when they are tired!!

We still have our houseguest staying with us and I've had my ups and downs about the situation but a verse came to me today.. If a man asks you to go a mile go with him twain.. is that paraphrased? but most of you will know the verse I mean. It made me think that when we go the extra mile to help others in the name of Jesus what a great blessing He bestows on us. I've not always been a willing participant in this time and have struggled with my own emotions and feelings of having company in my home at all seasons. She has been a blessing in helping with certain chores and watching the kids now and then so I can have a shower or just run up town to do a couple errands without the children. We are still praying and trying to help her find a place for her to live and to be able to get her children to. So we will continue to pray and seek the wisdom and help from the Lord in this matter.

Ok enough babbling on for now I'll hopefully get a few pictures of the children and the van! up on the site in a day or two.
God Bless, Amy