Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Three little Monkeys...

Nahum will be 5 months tomorrow. He's over 16 pounds and is as happy as a baby could be. He's rolling everywhere and really loving interaction with Chloe and John.
Yesterday we had a babbling session and he was starting to get out some da's and a couple days ago in a bit of a cry he popped out mamama(interesting how they say da da when they are happy and ma ma when they are in hysterics...)

Chloe and John love to read(unfortunately they also love to rip books.. we're still working on that.. any tips?) Here they are reading an old second hand book i got on how to make kids rooms and playyards.
My singers. Sometimes when i sit down at the piano they will request songs and sing. Other times they say stop that i'm "resting" haha but here they are doing their own duet. They often will take hymn books(or any of dad's shelf books) and sing about any words they have been learning or such. Recently it's been about Balaam and his donkey(don't beat your donkey balaam and so on!)

I had a good laugh about this picture! I can't even remember what I was making.. maybe Chloe's birthday cake?? Chloe always hanging on to some furry friend and john busy at eating. Very typical of the two of them:)

I call these my Brrrr Babies. They are fresh out of the tub and in the "assembly line" to get cream and pj's before bed. All cuddled in Mom and Dad's bed.


Anonymous said...

beautiful quilt, beautiful kids too. good job on the blog kiddo!
guess who?
p.s. get Dave to take a pic of you and post that too ok?

David and Amy Campsall said...

:) Got to be mom or dad. I love you guys.

Anonymous said...

I think the quilt looks great Amy. How do you find time for all the things you do and keep three little ones looking so neat, amused and happy all the time? Even when I was younger I do not think I had that much energy.

The fish recipe does look easy. We eat quite a bit of fish but mostly salmon or trout of one type or other that Uncle Cec catches.

I think Chloe has possiblilites with her photography. She did get you in the frame!

Love Aunt Dot