Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are settling down now in Matheson. We miss the saints and friends we made in newfoundland and will have many special memories of our time there. We are renting a house in the town of matheson for the time being. It's an old house with shall we say "lots of character"! We are thankful for a place to live as matheson is a small community with not much in the way of rentals. It's a big 4 bedroom house. So lots of room to scatter toys and dirty laundry.. hahaha. It's nice to see some friends from a few years ago from around town here as well and get to know a few new faces. We are attending the matheson gospel chapel and are happy to be of service there. We recently had a ladies coffee hour which went well. The topic was the greatest present is the gift of salvation. Chloe and John are to be mary and joseph in the christmas play.. (chloe john nahum tim and david) in the small sunday school we have. The children are enjoying having grandma and papa and their cousins around and Grandma Campbell(dave's mom) had us down not to long ago to watch the santa clause parade and stay over night. The children and I took the bus down to her house as we can walk from our house to the station and get off just outside grandma's house!! The children and I are helping at kids club on tuesdays in the afternoon and are able to walk over (or rather i walk pulling slieghs with mounds of kids!!)
Nahum is really growing up. He is saying so many things. He's nearing 18 months. He's graduated to a toddler bed simply because we brought the crib minus a rail which really isn't useful then now is it! haha. He's getting better at staying in the bed but the transition hasn't been too easy. He shares a room with John so the temptation is there to get out and fool around. He loves hockey.. we'll have to get him some skates and take him for tryouts pretty soon... haha.
Grandma comes down now and then and the children love visiting. I thought this was a classic picture of grandma in the rocking chair reading with chloe right besdie in her rocking chair. Very precious memories that i'm glad we are able to have.
Dave's job is back at the same mine as before. They are not started yet so the mill is being changed and improved and dave's helping with setup just now. The drive to work is only 20 minutes which get's him home for 430 if he leaves on time! He doesn't have to leave till 720 in the morning. A nice change from 530 am leave time and 6 pm hometime. So we are appreciating that. We don't know all that the Lord has planned for us but we are trusting to be of service and use here in northern ontario. Ok, so if anyone still ever checks here there is the update. We just got the internet back yesterday.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friends and Birthdays in Newfoundland

Friends and Birthdays in Newfoundland

Only a few more days in newfoundland. Packing is coming along. Dave has reminded me that stressing out doesn't do much good. Trusting that the Lord will get us through is a much better idea. My mom also remided me of the verse in Phillipians "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" We've had lots of friends visit over the past few weeks and last night our neighbour "nanny" Carrol and her daughter Margie and her children came over and brought little cupcakes to celebrate the children's birthdays before we leave. Margie is in business selling cakes and had promised the kids diego and cinderella cakes for their birthdays. They have been really good friends and neighbours to us. We will miss them. Answered prayer about finding a place in matheson. My mom was able to rent us a large house right in the middle of town withing walking distance of the assembly and stores. We are most thankful for that. We plan to leave next sunday and to stay with some friends in Fredericton on monday night and then take another couple days to get back to the north!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The latest from the Newfoundlandcampsalls is that we are soon to be no longer in Newfoundland! The Lord has taught us many things out here far from home. We are thankful for the saints here and the opportunities to grow in ways we would not have probably done back in northern ontario. Truly our God is all knowing! We have accepted a job offer back in the matheson area in northern ontario and the time is coming quick for our departure in the first week of november. We are sad to leave behind treasured friends and neighbours here in Newfoundland. We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us back in Matheson and only pray as servants of God we can be of some help to the north. The above picture is our house. We had a yard sale on saturday and were able to clear out a good many things. We have limited resources and means to move everything so we are packing light. (The back of our open pickup and perhaps a small uhaul if any will be light enough to be towed on a bumper hitch) We put the house up for sale on saturday and so far have one interested party asking for rent to own. We hope to sell the house outright but we will trust the Lord to work things out there.
The children are doing fine. Nahum is starting to say lots of words and even spilled out a few on the phone to gramps the other day. Chloe and John and I are trying some homeschooling from Rod and Staff and it seems to be going fine. We are still working on smoothing out the wrinkles and at this busy time of moving a few days have been late starting school or like yesterday with company all day we didn't even get to it. Dave is tying up things at work here and praying the truck makes this last run to ontario! He was asked to share a word at the gospel meeting sunday evening and enjoyed getting out in the afternoon to distribute some gospel pamphlets to some of the houses near the assembly here. We have a prayer request that the Lord would provide a place for us to live when we get there because as of yet we do not have one. So I may get to post once more before leaving here but if not.. See you on the mainland!
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tis Fall and other things...

Well Sarah has notified me that I have been more then a month without blogging.. was it really that long!! Woops! Computer time has been pretty sparse and motivation probably lacking as well. I just arrived home yesterday after our time in Ontario. Dave's Father passed away only 4 days after flying home from a visit here in Newfoundland. We were thankful for the time we had spent with him so close to the end of his days here. He brought the children each a harmonica when he came and I know that it will be a nice memory of him. When I told the children about their "Gramps" I asked them what their favourite memory was of their recent visit. Chloe said "he tickled us!!" We shall miss him.
I'm trying this web album in my post. I have never done it before.. If you move your mouse over the pictures and click it should come up with a bunch of pictures instead of just the one you see.


Nahum is starting to talk and run and "pick" at everything.. Keeps me hopping for sure. Chloe and John and I are hoping to start some homeschooling this year. I was a little late ordering and with us being gone to ontario for a while we will be starting late but we are all excited and hopeful that it will be good for us all. Any tips from homeschoolers would be appreciated as I seek to set up a "classroom" and schedule.
The Garden is picked over pretty well. Only some potatoes and carrots and onions left up the hill to dig out. We have loads of green tomatoes. The season just wasn't long enough to ripen them on the vine. I have zucchini everywhere so now that i'm back i hope to use that and freeze some for later.
I was at a conference in Matheson, Ontario this past saturday and saw a presentation done by John Meerstra with New Tribes Missions. It was a serious reminder to myself that sacrifice is involved in a victorious life for Christ. When men and women put aside the comforts of things and even have to leave aging parents or whatever it is, if they are following the Lord he will show them blessing and joy. Sometimes being out here in a spot far from home and surrounded by many who know nothing of Christ's precious love and sacrifice for them I find it can be discouraging. BUT the discouragment comes, I am persuaded, not from the lack of goodness from God but from my misperception that to be happy I need a certain set of circumstances. I believe(putting this into practice is a different matter) that I can find contentment in any spot on earth if I know the Lord is in it.
"Does the place your called to labour seem so small and little known?
It is great if God is in it and He'll not forget his own.
Little is much when God is in it
Labour not for wealth or fame
There's a crown and you can win it
If you go in Jesus name."
The Lord bless you all!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Kids

Here's nahum picking weeds .....
or rather pulling up the marigolds!:)
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Flowers at my house

This is our house from the road. We repainted it last year from white with mint green trim to this blue with white trim.
I dug some gardens out the front this year (the tree roots just about deterred me from doing any! but I managed to dig out two small ones and one ring around the signpost which i dug out last year. Here are some of the flowers(weeds and all! haha) that we have growing around. I'm pretty excited cause I've never had gardens before so for all you pro gardeners (like aunt dorothy:) please excuse my excitement over a small turnout. haha.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Picture trials

Well I'm learning how to put pictures on here hope this works..
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Back Online

Ok, so we got our own computer again! I will try to get back in the habit of updating on how we are doing over here.Nahum is 13 months now and has started to wobble around. Sure makes traffic flow around here pretty busy! The other kids are all doing well. John is potty training.... He's doing much better then chloe did but i think i have a little more experience at it this time too.
I recently took the kids up to Boyd's cove to visit friends on holidays here from New Liskeard, ON. Maggie and I took the kids on a whale watching tour.. I wish I could say we saw whales but not that time. But we did see a seal right in the cove where they live and walked down the road with the kids to get a better look as it got up on the neighbours wharf.
Dave's still working at the mine 1 1\2 hours from here. We were out camping at a park near there recently and took the kids canoeing for the first time. I thought it would be crazy but they were too scared to tip into the water to try fooling around so they held the fishing poles while dave and I paddled. Nahum stood up the front pointing us in the right direction and babbling out his commentary on the scenery. We loved it! I'd love to do more of it! Hope all is well in your world. Leave a comment to let me know you stopped by! Thanks for the recent comments on Nahum's Birthday article. To God be the Glory!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Nahum

The silence is broken! If anyone out there still ever checks here. Nahum is 1 year old today. We had a nice little supper and cake withe special little party plates etc just with the 5 of us.. wow.. there are 5 of us in our family.. nice!:) Dave is scheduled to be one week up in alaska starting July 7 for a couple of mine tours as a representative for the minesite here. I think it will be interesting for him and a nice experience. (But one week without daddy will put me in mind just how much he does around here and I will miss him!) Also scheduled for July 7-18 are gospel tent meeting here in Bishop's Falls which if you have a moment prayer would be appreciated as we are still in diligent search for a spot to put the tent. Chloe is signed up for a local bible club at the pentecostal meeting and i trust it will benefit her and she will enjoy it. The vegetable gardens here are slow but some things are coming along well.. not everything is succeeding but I imagine we will get sunshine out here soon to help things grow.John is a fire... haha... if we can curb his energy he is a great little helper.. but let him think up something to do and you're pretty sure to have troubles come along. I finished another baby quilt for one of dave's coworkers wives. I'm almost down to the quilting part on chloe double size double irish chain quilt started a good year ago. Ok still have no computer but for anybody who checks here now and again I'm still out here in Newfoundland and learning lots of good lessons in life and faith. The Lord bless and keep you.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Just a quick note here. Computer is still not functioning. I'm on Dave's work laptop. We are doing well. Nahum is 2 teeth strong with 4 more just about to pop out. He's army crawling his way into all sorts of mischief now. John got a new potty seat today and actually peed on the potty.. is it possible that i could soon have 2 potty trained children! Oh the dreams of young mothers.. haha. Dave is busy enough at work. He's been doing minor renovations here at the house lately so things are looking a little more pretty:) He says there is an audit happening at work in the next weeks so there may be some changes there.. if anything sgnificant i'll try to update. We have gospel meetings planned in our town here as an outreach from the Gander gospel hall the last week of February you could keep in prayer. I also recently was asked to teach the elementary sunday school class at the hall and am totally enjoying it! Doing a study on galatians called law and grace. Chloe and John both are in a preschool sunday school class so Nahum and Daddy take in the bible study upstairs and all is well!! I miss all of my internet buddies and hope you are all doing well. Ok bed time!!!
Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us. Galatians 3:13

Monday, January 14, 2008


Wow.. it's taken me a while to get back on here after our holidays. We are (well at least I am) still lagging after our trip. It was soooo great to get back to ontario and visit you all!!! I loved my time and am glad we were able to go. The Lord knows what we need and when we need it. A little visit back home makes being far from home not so tough. :) We had a relatively easy going trip with only one delay of flight on new years eve. So that was great. Our neighbours daughter and her husband had paid to have our driveway cleared for our arrival home!! We have some great neighbours (friends). Well i'm still catching up from our full weekend here so a few pictures and a few comments and that will be all.:)Sigh... after waiting twenty minutes for this thing to upload 5 pictures.. it didn't..:( I have no time to wait again.. I'll have to try again soon.. sorry..