Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moving Day

Hello to all. Well camera is still not working so no pictures yet... Maybe next month! I did want to update on our current happenings. We get possesion of the little house i linked to in the last post on Friday this week!! Yay!! We can move our things in on Saturday but we are still unsure as to wether we can stay the weekend due to the water not being on there. But we have to have an electrical upgrade done before we move in for good and that is to take approx. 4-5 days. So dave and I have an idea to rent a little cabin not to far from here that we rented when we were originally looking for a place to rent when we first moved to newfoundland. It was nice so we may be able to have a mini vacation at the same time!! It will be nice however to get settled again before the new baby arrives in June though. This is our first home that we have owned and we are very content that the Lord brought it all together!!That's the major update... Dave's busy at work and the kids are keeping me busy. Hope all is well with all of you.

Monday, April 2, 2007

I'm still here!!!

Sorry for the lack of blog news from this end. Dave somehow deleted the program thing to get the pictures off the camera onto the computer.. and somehow I feel speechless without pictures! hehe. So I notice in my last post i mentioned that we were renting a house here that was up for sale... guess what.. IT SOLD!!! And we didn't buy it.. so May 1st is our moving deadline. I said to dave I'm glad it's now and not right at the time the baby is due. (June 18th) And he said to me.. it seems to come with my pregnancies.. a move about 2 months prior.. hehe. With chloe due at the end of october we moved the first of september.. and with John due near christmas time we moved for the first of october!! Anyhow... so we are on the move... not sure where just yet.. we are currently thinking of buying a little place
you can check it out at that link. Other than that there isn't much else on the table.. maybe we'll have to rent again.. but this is all in the Lord's hands.
So for now we are busy packing up and sorting out details about buying a home..
As for the children.. I am pictureless but the latest is chloe is in the potty training stage and I am not willing to give up as I've been at it now for ages.. she goes when I put her there(on the potty or the big toilet) but has rarely ever told me she has to go. She has started recently to tell me just after the fact so I can change her.. so maybe someday in the not to far future a toilet trained toddler will be on my list of accomplishments as a mom.. hehe. It would be nice if she was trained before the next baby arrives in June.. thus only 2 diapers to change not 3:)
She is a joyful little thing that loves her daddy to pieces(and I dare say he's quite fond of her as well) She loves to color and is quite able to memorize and say her verses at sunday school. Last week she had "It is time to seek the Lord" She's so funny she can say all 5 or so memory verses that she has already learned and along with her list of verses she also rhymes off our phone number! 8493 hehehe.. not sure how those all came to be in the same connection in her little brain but it's cute:)
John is this hustle bustle ball of energy that follows his sister all over and tries to say anything that she says(which is just about anything!) He loves horses and I will often see him riding our stick horse around or any stick type thing saying "neigh neigh" He's getting quite efficient at eating soup with a spoon. He's very smiley but is still quite mommy dependent. Dave is willing however he said to me on Sunday to work that out.. even if it means a few weeks in the nursery letting him get some excercise with his we shall see!
My pregnancy is going fine. I do have low iron this time around but am hoping with some diet changes i have made to improve that. I have an appointment this week as well.. Every two weeks now!!
So this is our update.. God Bless!