Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Bandaid was to help her stop scratching bugibtes we are scheduled for a long overdue family photo on saturday!
He's a toddler for sure now.. He looks so much more grown up with his hair cut!
Hehehe... what a cutie!
This is a picture taken by our friend Stephanie Feltham who had come saturday with her friend Victoria(pictured here with us) for a nice visit.

Being a mom is very rewarding and sometimes very challenging. I wouldn't want to have it any other way!! I find in those moments that I feel like i'm losing the battle are the moments when you can lean the hardest on the Lord and come out victorious! I've been challenged in my parenting lately in the sense of, am I doing this God's way or my own way. I read somewhere that we go to the bible for godly living in other areas of our lives and yet somehow neglect looking for how to "train" our child God's way. I am challenged to consider a commen known verse of scripture and rethink what it means. ("train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he shall not depart from it" ) I wondered what the verse meant. Did it mean do your best and hopefully he will follow the Lord?? Is this a promise that if you train a child in godliness he will for sure follow God?? I am beginning to lean toward the latter idea. I want to take God at his word. I do believe the bible in it's completeness to be the inspired word of God. I therefore should believe what this verse says. So thinking it over makes me reasses then HOW I am training my children. Am I merely giving them an outward appearance of godliness that will be shunned in later years? How do I train my child so that when he is older he will not depart from the things of the Lord?... I am still pondering such things...


Dennis & Valerie said...

What cute pictures! :) I hope your family photo on Saturday is a good one and bandaid-less. :) I appreciated your comments on raising children for the Lord. It certainly is a high calling. We must not forget that God will deal with each of our children individually, not based on whether we've done everything "just right" as parents. We are responsible for the training, but it is only God Who will produce the effectual work in our childrens' lives! And I'm so glad for that!
Love, Valerie

Sarah VE said...

I have thought a lot about this verse as well. Matt was reading somewere that the verse could mean " train up a child according to his bent... or God given charactrer and abilities". meaning to help a child fulfill what the Lord has called him to with his natural abiities and talents, and later on spiritual gifts. I really feel it is a combination of the two- train them with the aim of "leading them to Christ" but also sterring them along the way they are "greared" to go. if that makes sence.

anyway food for thought that is for sure.

We are far over due for a family photo as well. The boys all just go hair cuts so I should try and see if we can get in for one soon while they all look a little put together :)