Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More pictures!

Mommies baking helper!
Dad and the kids.
This is in our new house on the deacon's bench. How do you get two kids to look at the camera and both be smiling their best??? They make it look so easy at Sears!!!
What a handsome fellow!

Last but not least. May I introduce Brian George Ian Ratschmeier! (He's definitely a cutie and I wouldn't mind claiming his as mine!..) but this is my brother and his wife Lori's newest addition born on May 25th. Congratulations! He's a keeper.

Well we finally found a way to get my pictures back! Good ole Walmart!:) This is John learning to brush those pearly whites.Chloe wanted to have a picnic for their snacktime..
In Grand Falls there is a playgroup where I can take the children to play with others and also to interact with other moms. They have one here in Bishops Falls too but it only runs once a week. So this is the children at the sandbox there. They never miss out playing in the sand when we go! I guess i better get a sanbox for the yard here for the summer!!
For those of you who remember we were able to purchase thanks to a little blessing from the Lord and a little bonus from Dave's work, a van for our growing clan. We are so thankful for it. In the back of this picture is the shed behind or house and some of the garden/lawn.
What can I say.. she's my cutie!