Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tis Fall and other things...

Well Sarah has notified me that I have been more then a month without blogging.. was it really that long!! Woops! Computer time has been pretty sparse and motivation probably lacking as well. I just arrived home yesterday after our time in Ontario. Dave's Father passed away only 4 days after flying home from a visit here in Newfoundland. We were thankful for the time we had spent with him so close to the end of his days here. He brought the children each a harmonica when he came and I know that it will be a nice memory of him. When I told the children about their "Gramps" I asked them what their favourite memory was of their recent visit. Chloe said "he tickled us!!" We shall miss him.
I'm trying this web album in my post. I have never done it before.. If you move your mouse over the pictures and click it should come up with a bunch of pictures instead of just the one you see.


Nahum is starting to talk and run and "pick" at everything.. Keeps me hopping for sure. Chloe and John and I are hoping to start some homeschooling this year. I was a little late ordering and with us being gone to ontario for a while we will be starting late but we are all excited and hopeful that it will be good for us all. Any tips from homeschoolers would be appreciated as I seek to set up a "classroom" and schedule.
The Garden is picked over pretty well. Only some potatoes and carrots and onions left up the hill to dig out. We have loads of green tomatoes. The season just wasn't long enough to ripen them on the vine. I have zucchini everywhere so now that i'm back i hope to use that and freeze some for later.
I was at a conference in Matheson, Ontario this past saturday and saw a presentation done by John Meerstra with New Tribes Missions. It was a serious reminder to myself that sacrifice is involved in a victorious life for Christ. When men and women put aside the comforts of things and even have to leave aging parents or whatever it is, if they are following the Lord he will show them blessing and joy. Sometimes being out here in a spot far from home and surrounded by many who know nothing of Christ's precious love and sacrifice for them I find it can be discouraging. BUT the discouragment comes, I am persuaded, not from the lack of goodness from God but from my misperception that to be happy I need a certain set of circumstances. I believe(putting this into practice is a different matter) that I can find contentment in any spot on earth if I know the Lord is in it.
"Does the place your called to labour seem so small and little known?
It is great if God is in it and He'll not forget his own.
Little is much when God is in it
Labour not for wealth or fame
There's a crown and you can win it
If you go in Jesus name."
The Lord bless you all!