Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Wow I hadn't realized how long it had been since i posted anything on here! We are busy packing as we have a move date of July 27. We are glad to have a spot to call our own and there is some fix up stuff that needs to be done. I'll try and take some pictures and post them up shortly. Nahum is turning two June 28th! My nephew Wilfrid asked if he could have a double party with Nahum because his birthday is on June 30th(Wil will be 11 though:) So we are planning to have a cake and such like on sunday night with my parents. Chloe and John are signed up for a school readiness program through the ontario early years center here and will be attending that a few days a week for the next several weeks. It's 9-3 so it seems like a long day so we will see how they do. I am looking forward to some time with just nahum and to work on some areas that need work.. such as obedience!! eek.. haha. John is an expert on his little 2 wheel bike with training wheels.. so much so he surprises me! We recently got bathing suit for the older two with built in lifejackets right in the suit and they got to try them out the other day(this hot weather is lovely.. maybe a little less heat would be ok to though don't you think;) They loved swimming at the local swimmin hole and chased the minnows all around. Nahum has no fear of water it would seem so i'm IN the water right at their sides making sure everyone is good to go.. (i can't say i mind in this heat)The children and I have planned a trip to Peterborough thursday till sunday to visit some friends that I haven't seen in a long time. Amanda is over from Ireland with her family and a few other couples and their children will be around too! I am soooooo excited! This summer's camp season is starting soon at Northland Bible Camp. We hope to catch some of the meetings at the family camps. WE have no holidays this year planned so we are thinking to just maybe camp out at some local campgrounds and dave can join us there after work. Well trust all is well in your world. Sorry no pics this time:)