Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is the bridge going into matheson from the quebec highway. We are back here in matheson now and are glad to be back. Within the first week of being back walking down the street I saw many familiar faces and was known also of them. It was a nice feeling. We are attending the matheson chapel and are encouraged with the work going on here. The Lord knows we all have struggles but the little assembly is trusting God for what is ahead. We are currently renting a house only a few blocks from this picture which is much appreciated. We are thinking to purchase or build Lord willing in the future but as of yet no real door has opened to us. Chloe and John and I are attempting some homeschooling still. The new year has brought in a good start and the children seem to be enjoying it. Chloe is 4 and John is 3. Nahum is now 19 months and very talkative. He is wearing the clothes that John is just growing out of. So he is gaining speed in the growing department. We are only a few blocks from the chapel and the playgroup/library is at the end of our street. My parents are only 45 minutes in timmins and we have had opportunity to help out there and have good visits. We had my niece and nephew over for a few days over the holidays and had some good times. Dave's mom lives only 45 minutes or so the other direction and the children and i have hopped on the bus and taken drives down to spend a night or two there. We are very blessed to have the opportunity now to spend with grandparents as the last 2 years have been sparse. Dave is enjoying his job. April the operation is scheduled to start up so the spring could be pretty busy. Last week he was sent to Ottawa for a mineral conference and was put up at the Chateau Laurier for the week. He was struck by the excess when walking out of the hotel and all it's luxuries to be met by a man asking money for only coffee and soup. Truly the Lord said the poor you will have with you always. The camera is broken just now so I haven't any recent pictures of the family but will attempt to somehow or another catch up with you on the faces of the littles in my life.

As to the title of this blog.. I'm at a loss as what to do... to completely sever ties with newfoundland seems to hard to do... but we aren't in newfoundland physically anymore... any suggestions as to a new label? Trust all is well in your world... please leave me a note in the comments spot so I know you were by.

Love Amy