Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are settling down now in Matheson. We miss the saints and friends we made in newfoundland and will have many special memories of our time there. We are renting a house in the town of matheson for the time being. It's an old house with shall we say "lots of character"! We are thankful for a place to live as matheson is a small community with not much in the way of rentals. It's a big 4 bedroom house. So lots of room to scatter toys and dirty laundry.. hahaha. It's nice to see some friends from a few years ago from around town here as well and get to know a few new faces. We are attending the matheson gospel chapel and are happy to be of service there. We recently had a ladies coffee hour which went well. The topic was the greatest present is the gift of salvation. Chloe and John are to be mary and joseph in the christmas play.. (chloe john nahum tim and david) in the small sunday school we have. The children are enjoying having grandma and papa and their cousins around and Grandma Campbell(dave's mom) had us down not to long ago to watch the santa clause parade and stay over night. The children and I took the bus down to her house as we can walk from our house to the station and get off just outside grandma's house!! The children and I are helping at kids club on tuesdays in the afternoon and are able to walk over (or rather i walk pulling slieghs with mounds of kids!!)
Nahum is really growing up. He is saying so many things. He's nearing 18 months. He's graduated to a toddler bed simply because we brought the crib minus a rail which really isn't useful then now is it! haha. He's getting better at staying in the bed but the transition hasn't been too easy. He shares a room with John so the temptation is there to get out and fool around. He loves hockey.. we'll have to get him some skates and take him for tryouts pretty soon... haha.
Grandma comes down now and then and the children love visiting. I thought this was a classic picture of grandma in the rocking chair reading with chloe right besdie in her rocking chair. Very precious memories that i'm glad we are able to have.
Dave's job is back at the same mine as before. They are not started yet so the mill is being changed and improved and dave's helping with setup just now. The drive to work is only 20 minutes which get's him home for 430 if he leaves on time! He doesn't have to leave till 720 in the morning. A nice change from 530 am leave time and 6 pm hometime. So we are appreciating that. We don't know all that the Lord has planned for us but we are trusting to be of service and use here in northern ontario. Ok, so if anyone still ever checks here there is the update. We just got the internet back yesterday.