Friday, November 16, 2007

This that and the other...

Well I have ventured to start some "schoolwork" with Chloe. I really have no particular plan as of yet but have found some useful stuff on the web and just made up some ideas. Today she did a little bit of the tracing page for Letter A that i found on this website. She also drew this picture of Noah and the rainbow.

I explained to her about student and teacher. She was really excited about that! She said after lunch "John's a toddler and I'm a student and your a teacher" haha how sweet is that. So hopefully she will enjoy being a student.

Uh... did i forget to mention Chloe had a birthday? Yep she is now 3 (november 11th). I showed her how put up three fingers for her 3 years old. So now if I ask her she says i'm three and likes to show how many fingers. John is funny If I ask him how old he is he does say 2! He won't be 2 until the end of December technically but that's all good.

Also we recently got our pictures done at walmart. The last time we had a family picture done was when chloe was 3 weeks old now she is 3 years old! So if you are one of the "chosen" :)you may receive an actual picture, but if not I hope you will be appeased with the below photos:)

The Campsalls 2007!


Dennis & Valerie said...

Oh, I love the artwork!!!! :) So cute. Your family picture turned out so nice. I'm glad Chloe likes being the student- do you like being the teacher? It is fun seeing them learn new things and rewarding when you know that you've spent extra time with them. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great family photo... we need to get in for one as well. It is something we have been putting off and now I am afraid we are going to be heading into the christmas busyness and prices.. Ah well thats our fault for procrastination. You did very well to have all your kids looking so good. I dread the rigamarole of trying to get 5 kids to all look at the camera with a sort of smile on their face. !!! Maybe that is why Ihave been putting it off. Any way.. you have inspired me! So now I guess I should see if we can make an appointment to get it done right :) :)

that is a really good photo Amy. Your kids are growing up fast. Time goes by so quickly.

love Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
I think you and David have a lovely family. The children are just too cute!
I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season.
Love Aunt Dot

David and Amy Campsall said...

Thankyou for all your comments. The kids did do well on the most part but we were late arriving to the pictures and had a great challenge to get Chloe to smile. I remember her very first portraits when she was 3 weeks old.. lets just say a diaper change and a new blanket from the photo studio later and we had something to go with! So in comparison I guess this was better:)
Valerie: Yes I am enjoying being the teacher. I have yet to master the art of teaching her something new, feed the baby, and keep john from eating crayons all at the same time.But slowly we'll work those things out!:)