Sunday, October 7, 2007

Where there's a will there's a way... I got a disposable camera put onto a cd and voila!! We are back in business here on the blog! Chloe and John are becoming quite good friends. They have their moments but it became very apparent the last few days when Chloe spent a couple days in the hospital. John was often asking... "Where's OE" as he fondly calls her. Chloe was in the hospital 2 days as a result of asthma. I didn't know she had it but am glad to find out what is causing all the troubles for her. She is back home now doing much better. She's got some puffers and medicine to get her back to normal and hopefully we can help her control it for the future. And John is sure glad to have his "friend" home again to play with. Well one of these days I'll figure out how to turn sideways pictures around but for now you'll have to do the "hold your head sidways" look to check out this pic of John in one of his favourite spots outside in our yard..
Baby Nahum is getting that same campsall baby "chubby" look to him. He's a very happy kiddo. He's starting to follow the other two with his eyes as they play about the room while he happily watches from his "mat".
Me and my little Newfie!! Yes folks.. we have produced the first ever Campsall newfoundlander!! Yes By!
1,2, 3 Jesus loves me... Ah my little people.. this was part of a photo shoot i had one day.. I'm not the greatest at taking pictues so I thought I'd try and put some effort into it! This is taken in our living room. One other neat thing and a prayer request too is that about a month or so ago Dave met a man hitchhiking one evening on his way back from a business supper. He told the man that he needed to get home to see his kids for a bit but if he was still at the gas station needing a ride in an hour he'd come back and take him home. Well it turned out he needed the ride and dave drove him the 40 minutes or so to his home. I remember praying for Dave to have opportunity to speak with this man of the Lord. And also to find some encouragement in spiritual matters. So when Dave returned home he said that with a few minutes of starting on the ride this man confessed his need to get back to things of God!! Dave said the man was interested in coming with us to the meetings on sundays. So every Sunday for 3 weeks we returned to his home to see if he would come.. he was never home. So the next 2 weeks we were not able to get out to check for him but the next saturday which was two saturdays past now he called us up! We were glad to hear from him.. but.. not only did he call... he had moved into the same town as us.. and not only that.. he only lives 2 blocks if that away from us!! So he's been to the meetings with us the last 2 sundays. He's a very humbled man as he is seeing his need of help to overcome sin. He used to attend meetings elsewhere in years gone by but had stopped going and had fallen back into his sinful lifestyle. So last sunday before getting out of the van he asked how can you be sure you are going to heaven?! Dave pointed him to the verse in 1 John 5:13 "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that YE MAY KNOW that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. "
Again tonight he asked "how do you get saved at your do you go up to the pulpit or what.. i've seen people going up and then a bunch of people crowd around you and put their hands on you and pray..." Dave pointed him to another scripture that says " Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved"(Acts 16:31) Suggesting to him that it mattered not where you were or what position you were in but how your heart was before God. He also shared how often times in the midst of sin his heart would be sorrowful knowing what he was doing was not right... This man is certainly looking for something that he hasn't quite found but we trust that the Spirit of God is working in the heart of our friend Hilary and it won't be long before he can say "Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now I AM FOUND, was blind but NOW I SEE!" Will try and keep you updated.
Also one other bit of interest is that at our meeting today we were told that 32 chinese folk who are currently in Gander schooling to become pilots attended the morning meeting!! The saints as led of the Lord changed the regular meeting plan from sunday school to a gospel meeting so as to share the good news that Jesus died for them! I pray that they will return again next week.
One last thought... My mother once had a saying posted in her kitchen and I have never forgotten it.. it went something like .."If tasks are not done no one will remember... if people are not won God will not forget!"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
Interesting about the asthma. It runs in the family. Your mom was asthmatic when she was a baby. I am asthmatic. Cousins Sharon and Stephanie both are and Susie has a touch of it occasionally. Several of grandma Blackburn's brothers were asthmatics also. I guess Choe comes by it honestly. Good that you are catching it early. Keep her on the meds as it is better to control it than to treat when a person is in distress.

Thanks for keeping up the blog. I love to hear your news. The pictures are great and I must say you look good. I guess having three little ones agrees with you.

Nice work on the quilts. How do you find time for all the things you do? Do you ever sleep?

Happy Thanksgiving

Love aunt Dot