Wednesday, October 3, 2007


When can you really say you are a "Quilter" is it when you have finished at least one quilt..maybe when you've finished two??? or maybe when you're actually good at doing it?? Whatver the case.. for the purpose of this post I'll say I am a quilter:)I had the opportunity about 3 years ago now to join a quilt guild in matheson ontario. I didn't know a thing about it. I had only taken a sewing course maybe a year before that.. so needless to say i wasn't the greatest seamstress. But i took a course with the guild and the below picture was the result. I made it for Amanda (Cooney) Hayes for her birthday and sent it by mail to Ireland where it currently resides:) Since being in Newfoundland I also found a quilting shop that did courses so I took an evening course while I was pregnant with Nahum. (Thanks dave for my once a week night out!) So this is the quilt I am currently working on as it never got finished before our move to our new house in may and the baby coming in June! This is a double Irish chain single bed quilt I am making for my little sweethear Chloe! She'll come in and see me sewing and say.."are you sewing my quilt!?"

I will post more pictures of the quilt when i get a bit more done. Also I also started one just after moving to Newfoundland and finished a couple weeks ago one for my husband Dave. I will post a picture of that one when i can get it from him long enough to do so! It's very rewarding to be able to make things that are useful and people enjoy having... so yeah.. there you have it... another post!!!!
Love Amy

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Tammy Campsall-Morel said...

Beautiful quilts Amy...You have done such a fantastic job! I am also at the very beginning of quilting, but not intricate like yours. Mine are much more simple with applique. I'll post the one I'm doing on my website so you can see it.
I've never been to your blog before today. I admire your faithfulness to God and the way you are raising your children. I wish I could be more like you in my everyday life:>)
Have a wonderful day
Love Tammy