Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the Trail...

On our recent outing we walked, as far as a mother with two toddlers and a baby in stroller could go, up the trail to see the waterfall at Rattling brook. The trail followed the water and the children here are catching a glimpse of the rushing water along the way. This is mom at the same spot only daring to get a little closer to see what was up ahead:)
Baby Nahum is pretty cool with whatever is going on.. Chloe however tripped and fell while we were looking at the boat before going on the trail and took a little chunk out of the palm of her hand. So... she wasn't as happy to be going down the trail as the rest of us were but was convinced to go by me allowing her to ride in the stoller with Nahum!:) I didn't know she could fit in there! John patiently enduring my picture taking!
Can you see the waterfall just up and to the right of John's head? That's as close as we could get... But i still think that this is a neat picture!!!

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