Thursday, October 11, 2007

Around the town...

Sorry this is a lot of posts all at once but i can only upload 5 photos at a time. So these are some shots from the town of King's Point and some from rattling brook. These two towns are one after another along the coast.
This i took just to prove i was really there too.. (someone was supervising these little cuties!)

There was a fishing boat just coming into town so I thought the children would like to see the boat. Once we were right at the side of the boat we could see the sunlight shining in the water below and could see a bunch of fish swimming around! If only i knew how to work those fishing nets!

Haha.. the pictues you often think are terrific just aren't so great once you get them developed! But this is the bridge over the brook coming down from the falls. The falls are the little white specks just to the right of the red tree!!
Now this was a neat find! This is a pottery shop of one of the local newfoundlanders. The wood they used to make the outside posts and deck above is quite something. Inside the store they have similar gnarled wood made into shelving stands! I was tempted to take pictures of the inside of the pottery shop but i didn't want to look like to much of a tourist. :) I bought some bakeapple jam. Now for those of you not familiar with newfoundland I am told this is something native to newfoundland?? Bakeapple berries. That's the name of them..when i first heard tell of it i thought the girl was saying baked apple pie.. (what do i know eh?!) So it's pretty good stuff i tried it out on some toast tonight! But at 8.50 a small jar i probably won't be adding it to my regular grocery list anytime soon! Also bought a nice pottery candle holder with a whale on it. Check out the Pottery website too!.

So it was a nice day with the children and it was nice for mom to be able to enjoy them enjoying God's world!


Sarah VE said...

wow Amy it looks sooo beautiful. Good job on getting out with the kids. I need to do that more. It takes a lot of effort but I know it is worth it. You have a lovely family and your photo's did turn out well I thought!!..

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
Beautiful Scenery in Newfoundland. I enjoy seeing all your pictures. Nice that you and the children get out gallavanting. That fresh air is so good for all of you and maybe they sleep a little better as a bonus. I hope Chloe's hand is better. Keepup the good work with the camera.
Aunt Dot