Monday, August 4, 2008

Picture trials

Well I'm learning how to put pictures on here hope this works..
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Anonymous said...

Hi: Good job with the pictures.
Miss you all

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
Nice that you are back on line.
I enjoy reading your blog and love to see the photos. I was looking at the one of the three children and shaking my head. Wondering how you stay sane with three that age.
Lily, my granddaughter will be 4 come January. We get to watch her every once in a while and it tires me out. Of course I do have a fair number of years on you. She is coming Thursday for the day. We are taking her to the park to feed the birds, do some fishing and play on the toys. Of course we have to have a picnic also and take Ernie the puppet with us. I can hardly wait!
I will keep checking for updates.

Aunt Dot