Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The latest from the Newfoundlandcampsalls is that we are soon to be no longer in Newfoundland! The Lord has taught us many things out here far from home. We are thankful for the saints here and the opportunities to grow in ways we would not have probably done back in northern ontario. Truly our God is all knowing! We have accepted a job offer back in the matheson area in northern ontario and the time is coming quick for our departure in the first week of november. We are sad to leave behind treasured friends and neighbours here in Newfoundland. We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us back in Matheson and only pray as servants of God we can be of some help to the north. The above picture is our house. We had a yard sale on saturday and were able to clear out a good many things. We have limited resources and means to move everything so we are packing light. (The back of our open pickup and perhaps a small uhaul if any will be light enough to be towed on a bumper hitch) We put the house up for sale on saturday and so far have one interested party asking for rent to own. We hope to sell the house outright but we will trust the Lord to work things out there.
The children are doing fine. Nahum is starting to say lots of words and even spilled out a few on the phone to gramps the other day. Chloe and John and I are trying some homeschooling from Rod and Staff and it seems to be going fine. We are still working on smoothing out the wrinkles and at this busy time of moving a few days have been late starting school or like yesterday with company all day we didn't even get to it. Dave is tying up things at work here and praying the truck makes this last run to ontario! He was asked to share a word at the gospel meeting sunday evening and enjoyed getting out in the afternoon to distribute some gospel pamphlets to some of the houses near the assembly here. We have a prayer request that the Lord would provide a place for us to live when we get there because as of yet we do not have one. So I may get to post once more before leaving here but if not.. See you on the mainland!
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Dennis and Valerie said...

Wow, moving back! That is quick- only a couple weeks from now! I hope we get a chance to see you before we leave.

I was so sorry to hear about Dave's dad. It is so hard to lose a loved one.

Sarah said...

wow... maybe we can see you next time we are up in Canada. Matt and I would love to get a chace to meet up with you and do some catching up.

happy moving- don't worry about school during a move. the kids will learn a lot along the way and you have plenty of time to catch up after you are settled. Praying the move goes smothly and that you are able to find a place once you get back.