Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Nahum

The silence is broken! If anyone out there still ever checks here. Nahum is 1 year old today. We had a nice little supper and cake withe special little party plates etc just with the 5 of us.. wow.. there are 5 of us in our family.. nice!:) Dave is scheduled to be one week up in alaska starting July 7 for a couple of mine tours as a representative for the minesite here. I think it will be interesting for him and a nice experience. (But one week without daddy will put me in mind just how much he does around here and I will miss him!) Also scheduled for July 7-18 are gospel tent meeting here in Bishop's Falls which if you have a moment prayer would be appreciated as we are still in diligent search for a spot to put the tent. Chloe is signed up for a local bible club at the pentecostal meeting and i trust it will benefit her and she will enjoy it. The vegetable gardens here are slow but some things are coming along well.. not everything is succeeding but I imagine we will get sunshine out here soon to help things grow.John is a fire... haha... if we can curb his energy he is a great little helper.. but let him think up something to do and you're pretty sure to have troubles come along. I finished another baby quilt for one of dave's coworkers wives. I'm almost down to the quilting part on chloe double size double irish chain quilt started a good year ago. Ok still have no computer but for anybody who checks here now and again I'm still out here in Newfoundland and learning lots of good lessons in life and faith. The Lord bless and keep you.


Anonymous said...

Hey little one. How do you like that! I decided to see if you have blogged anything for a while. I really haven't checked because I know you don't get much computer access. And HERE YOU ARE!!!

Happy birthday Nahum. Hugs and kisses from grandma and poppa and Wil and Lil. I bet you really enjoyed that cake. Hi Chloe. Hi John. Hi Dave.

I pray the Lord will find a spot for His story to be told. Camp Courageous will be starting soon here at the chapel.

The work on the dining hall at camp continues. Wil is at junior boys this week and again will be there on his birthday. Can you believe he will be ten? Lil enjoyed her time at bunny camp.

Well I am on chapter 28. Same book.

We are now on summer hours at work so i get every friday afternoon off. I start 1/2 hour earkier every day and cut back to 1/2 hour lunch. If it works well they are considering having these hours all year long.

Just wanted to put something on here from me. Love you all and miss you terribly.

Happy quilting. Love Dad.

Sarah said...

hi amy, call me some time. I have lost my address book. Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
Not sure why but I decided to check your blog today. I figured I would just see Feb. 18th as usual. What a pleasant surprise I got. Nice to hear your news. Sounds like the children are keeping you busy. Time seems to just fly by as far as birthdays are concerned.
I hope Dave enjoys Alaska. Good for you with the quilting.
I too have a garden, it got frosted earlier but has come back nicely except that something keeps eating the leaves off my beans. How annoying! Uncle Cec decided we should grow some things in pots. We got some compost from the community compost site and have broccoli, a huge tomato plant, peppers, cucumber and squash planted. Some of them are doing well but the peppers not so much. However we also have a couple in the ground that are not doing any better. I have sugar snap peas growing on a couple of trellises up against the house and they are doing wonderful. Almost reached the full 6 feet that the seed packet promised. I tried one of the pods today and they are delicious. I hope your garden takes hold for you.
I will keep checking for more updates.
Aunt Dot

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