Saturday, February 24, 2007

"The Look"

Well Chloe has got "The Look" down already... Haha. Just thought I'd post a few pictures of the children as of late. Things here are going well. There have been a few days where we feel spring coming! We were delighted to find out that the growing season here is better than Timmins and even Sudbury!!! (sorry guys!) hehe But we hope to be able to plant something somewhere. It seems every year we have a garden but we have moved so often that we have never had the chance to make a good go of it but have been blessed with what we have gotten from it. We are still new at gardening however so we will keep at it and hopefully learn from all our attempts:) John is starting to chat more now. He often repeats what we say and is beginning to imitate animal sounds. Chloe and him are starting to get along better which i'm very thankful for. John is still very clingy to mommy and I hope that he will be a little more independent before our new arrival in the summer. We are planning a trip back to ontario in the summer but no firm plans. I'll keep you all posted. (A quick dip down to say... Lincon Nebraska might be nice.. but Dave may have something to say about that!!) hehe. Chloe also said her first memory verse at sunday school last week!!! God is love! What a big girl she is getting to be. Oh!! I had another ultrasound done on friday. I was pleased that Dave was able to get the afternoon off. He took the children and got some needed paperwork done in town while I was at the ultrasound. This time I got to see the baby and get a picture!!!:) How thankful to the Lord I was for this unexpected opportunity. He knows our hearts! So thankyou Lord! And thankyou Dave for taking the time.
Well both the children have had the flu of some sort this past week. I hope dave and I escape without getting it. But John is back to normal, and Chloe although not throwing up is still not a big eater and is lacking in energy but is on the mend. So again thanks to the Lord.
Ok that's all for now Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow!


Julie-Anne said...

Hi Amy,

Fabulous pictures of the children! Oh they are growing and changing. I LOVE "the look"! It's so cute. Can't wait to meet the next little Campsall.

Love and prayers,


Sarah VE said...

Are you seriouse about the " lincoln Nebraska loop"? I sure wish it would work out but..... Maybe some day ehh. I thought a camping trip in Michigan this summer would be fun with the Kerrs but haven't mentioned it to them. Maybe we could organize a trip with all of us- now wouldn't that be a treat. BUT the summer is also Matt's bussiest time. Any way "Natutalla" as they say in Zambia- we shall see. :)
love you Amy- you have very cute Kids. I think Chloe and Lily could have a competition on the "look". It is something about a little girl with big eyes that makes it work soo well. And they learn that so fast :) !

Valerie said...

Those pictures are cute! :) I'd be so excited if we got to see you this summer!

I am also so glad you had another ultrasound and got a picture. That is what happened to me too, actually- I had three ultrasounds and finally on the fourth they were able to give me a picture! I felt like the Lord blessed me so much, giving me the desire of my heart even though I know that I hadn't been real godly in my attitude about not getting one in the first place!

I have yet ANOTHER ultrasound on Tuesday to determine whether Baby's head is up or down. This Baby has certainly been well documented!

Liz said...

Interesting to know.