Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well last night the children and I made a party for daddy. I emailed dave at work with the subject "party tonight" his response... "party?... count me in.." hehe so we put up streamers and balloons and put on the red table cloth with fake flowers and all hehe. We had heart shaped pancakes with our sausage and potatoes. And chocolate cake with vanilla frozen yogurt for desert. It was fun. Then we played with balloons in the living room and went for a bried walk outside with the children. Then the children went to bed and Dave and I had a nice evening just visiting and chatting. Our company that's been living with us I asked to spend the night back at her own home so we enjoyed our time. Happy Valentine's Day to all!!
PS.. we did our little party last night because I have quilting tonight..(you just can't skip quilting you know!!!) hehe
Love Amy


Julie-Anne said...

You're so funny! I skipped quilting recently myself. What a great party you put on and what a way to bless your husband and children. Amy, you're an inspiration! Love you SO much!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun party!! So fun you can do this as a family--actually crazy to think of you with a family!!

Valerie said...

Cute, cute. How did you make the pancakes heart shaped?

Anonymous said...

Heya Val, careful pouring:) Twas a fun day.
Love Amy

Sarah VE said...

Hi there Amy. how is it going? Sorry I am so bad at keeping in contact with you. I think of you often. Maybe we can chat one of these days.
Take care