Thursday, March 1, 2007

Playing Outside... Spring is in the air!

This is our house on 11 Peronne Road in Newfoundland! It's for sale if anyone's interested hehehe.

It was such a beautiful spring like day out today that the kids and I took full advantage of the beautiful day with a walk to the bank and then playing in the yard. Now they are both peacefully resting in their naps!! Yay. Nap time is a nice time..

Well just a quick note here to let you know we are out here still! Have a blessed day all!
Love Amy


Sarah VE said...

Looks like your kids had some fun times. Are you renting your place or have you bought it and are now selling? Just curiouse. Where are you moving to?

David and Amy Campsall said...

Sorry for the confusion yes we are only renting this house but it is for sale.. we can't buy right now as we have no down payment after buying the van lately. It's a nice enough house. Some people have come through to look so I'm not sure if it will sell. Anyway yep dave bought the kids a sand toys set the other day going through the grocery store and it works well with the semi wet snow out there. So they were having fun.

Sarah VE said...

So is spring still in the air. How are you folks doing? i was just checking in.:)

Sarah VE said...

Just checking in again :) Are you there still ?? Don't worry you are probably being the responsible one and working at home while the rest of us goof off in the virtual blogger world.

love you Amy :)

how is the Large family logistics schedule going . Do you use it? any tips on getting it going?