Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well, I only managed ONE picture from Bev Bondt's(Clarke's) wedding! But, it does prove i was there! She was absolutely gorgeous and the ceremony was the nicest i have seen. I was quite pleased and shocked to find that Ross Kearney, an old friend from KLBC (Kawartha Lakes Bible College) took the wedding ceremony! (Except for the official ring part which the pastor of their church i believe did) . She had christmas trees with white lights sparkling behind her as the ceremony took place. They had a unique candle lighting part where the mothers light a single candle each and then Bev and Joseph took each candle, representing themselves and lit the candle in the middle.. but the candle in the middle was a 3 wicked candle which they explained represented the three fold tie in their marriage of Joseph, Bev, and the Lord!! What a nice picture. A wonderful time. I saw other friends as well, Sean and Hailey Cuthill, Matt McLeod and his lovely, very pregnant wife! Ryan McLeod also and Josh and Colleen Mc Faddeon(hmm.. i don't know how to spell their last name!) Also Little Amanda Hicox!! Hey.. she's married and pregnant. I did meet her husband Joel. A very nice fellow.

Well, Dave and I had booked into a hotel with a pool so between the ceremony and the reception we took the kids to McDonalds and then for a swim in the pool. John was not fond of this but Chloe after a little prompting and encouragement enjoyed a good little swim with mom and dad! Dave offered to keep the children in the hotel for the night and put them down to sleep while I caught a ride to the wedding reception with Ross,Leanne, Holly Christy, and Heather-Lynn. It was so nice to catch up with old friends. It had been i believe near 7 years! Thanks for the opportunity Bev! And thanks Dave for being gracious enough to oblige to the whole trip!

The only bad patch we hit in our whole adventure was a snow storm in Newfoundland on our way to the boat.. and thus.. the boat ride over was..hmm.. BRUTAL! hehehe Chloe began the ride by puking on Dave. she didn't take long however to fall asleep after this. Thank the Lord. John.. wouldn't sleep a wink till around 4 am! we arrived in Nova Scotia at 730 am.. so.. needless to say it was a sleepless type night.. he wasn't too quiet about it either.. and mothers... you'll know the feeling of a crying baby in a room full of tired sleeping people isn't the best thing for your relationship with those people! Anyhow.. a stewardess was nice enough to show me to a nursery room with a rocking chair because walking was really hard on such a swaying boat... well let me tell you something i discovered... if you want to be sea sick.. sit in a rocking chair on a stormy sea!! And that i did... John quite contented himself playing on the floor while i took care of that business.. and i soon after found the sleeping daddy and ... plunked john there and fell into my seat.. I don't know how he does it.. but Dave took all of 10 minutes to get that boy to sleep!!! hehe Other than that the weather, travel and children were all wonderful!!! What a trip!

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