Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Here are some of our recent at home pictures doing what we do best... Having fun!!!


sve said...

Hi Amy, Great to see some pics of your family. I can't figure out how to get back onto my blog again so I may have to start a new one. Great to hear how you are doing. Check out rachels blog to see pics of Richards Wedding.
love Sarah VE

sve said...

Hi Amy I have new blog now. click on my name to see it.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy and your family!! I just found your blog today and am very excited to be able to finally reconnect with you, also you are the first blog I have found with any Bev pictures so a big gold star for that one too!!
I'll be checking in on you lots now!!
Brenda Easton

grandma said...

thanks this is a great idea. keep it updated!

Valerie said...

Hi Amy! Chloe's dolly is identical to Lael's. Cute. Yes, and thanks for the pic of Bev's wedding!


LauraMae said...

Well hello Amy!
What a treat to stumble across your blog! Hopefully you remember me.....from Kids Club, at 7 years ago!! Hard to believe! Your family is adorable!

Take Care,

Laura P.