Monday, December 10, 2007

Making our home a Haven

Well ,recently I've been inspired by the Making our home a haven challenge over at Biblical Womanhood. The one thing that I've started with has been the Morning routine list. I'm not an organised person so I find it hard to keep things together on a regular basis. So the following is my morning routine and has worked fairly well for me this last week!
My Morning Routine

1.Read and Pray
2.Get dressed(yes.. i have a hard time to leave the sleepy comfort of pj's)
3. Tidy Kitchen
4. Start Laundry
5. Plan Supper.

My house hasn't been so clean in a while. I like having the dish rack off the counter.. it never used to disappear from the counter top!
I was hoping to post pictures but alas the walmart photo center had a broken machine.. will post the pics when i get them back!


EdibleEducation said...

My dish rack is permanently in my sink and I think if it was missing - perhaps it would never be full of last nights or the nights before dishes!

I think my kitchen would have a better start each morning if the sink area was clean and cleared off. There is a website - fly lady and that is what she recommends.

Anyway - when I saw your blog name I figured I needed to check it out, being an Ex-Canadian myself (Manitoba). Never had an opportunity to go further east than Ontario - and I hope someday to be able to.

JoyFULWifeMom said...

Good work!

Tiany said...

I hope you had a very blessed and productive day! I do beleive the morning routine can set the direction of the day! :-)


Tiany said...

Yikes! Sorry about all those typos! :-)