Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Daddy Time!

I haven't really posted much on my awesome husband on here! So I got a little collection of "Dad" shots on the recent picture cd so I thought I'd share him( Just this once!) Haha. Dave and the kids play "Hiya" as the children call it. They can't play that game except with dad and not without their special "hiya hats"(this is mom's rules as hiya is basically karate chopping one another! Dave is fun and the kids love that time. They run in and grab the spit blankets and beg dave to play now.

Chloe is now 3 and I finally got a picture of her birthday back:) The neighbour Mrs. Carroll(who they call nanny carroll made the cake and brought it over. She's a lovely neighbour and we are pretty thankful for them and their daughters.

Dave and our sweeties in a saturday morning snuggle session.

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Anonymous said...

nice to see Dave and the kids together. Good job photo lady!