Thursday, December 10, 2009


Our friends the Mauno's recently gave us a camera so we are back in action here with pictures!! (Thankyou Mauno's!) The children grow so fast I can hardly believe it myself sometimes and I see them everyday!

Mommy and her little girl! Chloe has a hard time being serious in pictures!:)

Playing in our load of snow yesterday. This was them in their cabin with their snow blanket on to keep them warm

Nahum is cute even if he has the leftovers from breakfast on his face!

Chloe and John on a lazy saturday morning.

At our homeschool group on monday mornings we get together and play and learn. This past week we made decorations and wrapped gifts for the daddies who usually have to work when we meet. Here's daddy opening the gifts. The children were so excited to give them!

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