Saturday, December 19, 2009


There is no baby yet... Yes I was in the hospital.Yes I did have contractions 2-3 minutes apart yes they hurt.... then labour stopped.. yes I stayed over night. I woke up in the night and it suddenly occurred to me that "I" was trying everything to make labour happen... and I wasn't wanting to try what "They" wanted(induction, breaking my water, etc.)me to try to make labour happen. In any case I felt like nothing I or the doctors did at this point had brought labour on... perhaps God is not yet ready to bring this life into the world?? Why am I trying so hard? I read in Psalm 143 this morning when I woke up and a few things stood out.. perhaps not in context to what david was thinking but for me it made me think... it said.. deliver me, O LORD, and again quicken me, O LORD. Bringing a child into this world is God's job. I am merely the vehicle in which this takes place. So I left the hospital this morning at peace knowing that this baby is going to come but I am trusting that the Lord will show me the right time.. it's just not quite yet. My EDD(ESTIMATED due date) was December 16th. So I hope this helps explain a little why things have come about the way they are now. If you consider praying for me perhaps it would be more along the lines that God would deliver this child without the "aid" of interventions.. This is my plea and prayer now.

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