Friday, December 22, 2006

Just a little update

Well today is an at home day with my children.John turned one yesterday!! I dressed them up and took them out to the play group. Chloe loves the playgroup. This morning she woke up early because she wasn't feeling well so i brought her down in our bed. While dave was getting ready for work she began telling us about yesterday. She said she played in the sandbox. Played with toys and sat in a chair and had a snack. She is really a chatterbox now but it is so lovely. Well John was officially walking on december 14th and also learned to stand up without help and just go! on the 18th of December. Also on the 20th of December i heard the new baby's heartbeat at the doctor's for the first time!! It was a relief to me cause right now i can't feel any movement and i feel normal..haha.. not that im not normal when im pregnant but i feel well so hearing the heartbeat gave relief that all is well in there!!! We expect , hopefully a fellow from Dave's work to join us for christmas as he is from Bancroft Ontario and is here alone for Christmas. Lord willing we will all benefit from the company. Dave has only a half day of work today and a special lunch then he is off till after christmas. Yay!! I am still working on a quilt to give him for christmas. I need to get a move on though. Im a slacker!!. What else is new here. Oh, i've started reading the book called Peace Child. It should be good!. Well that's all for now. Hopefully in the future i'll be able to post some pictures of the family. God bless for today

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Julie-Anne said...

Hi Amy! I love your blog! I am so glad you are enjoying life out in Newfoundland. We miss you but it's good to know the Lord is settling you where He is leading you! Yay for feeling "normal" while pregnant! And, double yay for hearing that precious heartbeat which has been beating since 3 weeks after conception! What a miracle! I miss chatting with Chloe and wish I could see John walking. But, we'll just have to go and visit you someday!! Love you lots and wishing you a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!

Love you,