Friday, June 4, 2010

A couple new to us additions...

Well seeing as i blog soooo often. I thought I'd update on some of the things happening here. We recently purchased a van for our growing clan. We are very thankful for it. It currently only seats 7 but a roomy easy to do up car seats 7 . It has the option to get a second back bench so in the future we may end up with that arrangement. For now we have lots of leg room and storage and towing capability. Which brings us to the next addition.
My brother in law had a tent trailer which he got from my mother in law and was looking to sell it. So ,with a name like "CAMPsall" we thought it would be great to move up from the tent we've used for the past several years. It makes the threat of bears a little less scary:) We used it for the first time on the may long weekend. It was wonderful. We hope to enjoy it with the children again this summer.

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Nikiyah said...

Hi AMy!
I was wondering where you purchased your new Van? we are needing a larger vehicle as well and are so desperatly looking on Kijiji and wondering if you have any tips?