Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nahum's 2nd Birthday

Nahum turned 2 on June 28th. We ended up going up to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Timmins to share a birthday party with Wilfrid who turned 11 on June 30th. Wil had asked if he could have the cake say Happy Birthday Wil and Nahum. Nahum seemed quite happy with that. The children and I had left Barrie that morning and picked dave up in matheson at our house and arrived in Timmins just in time for the party:) Chloe thought we "needed" party hats. We also put together some goodie bags for all the children.. well my 3 and wil and Lily my niece and nephew. It was a really fun day. Sarah and Greg were there to help BBQ and make the day that much more special. It's so nice to just celebrate our little ones with the family. Simple but they feel important and loved:)

Nahum is a really sweet kid. He loves his mom right now.. maybe a little too much but I will enjoy it as he may not always be so in to me:) Him and John as a result of our move have now got bunkbeds. Daddy built them out of cedar wood. They are nice and Nahum is doing well. He did however peel the paint off the wall at the head of his bed to reveal the paneling behind.. eek!
Nahum got a few little gifts from Grandma as you can see from the picture below he thinks he's a coolio in his new sun glasses!

This is a picture of Greg and Auntie Sarah! Way to go on the BBQ eh!

The Birthday Gang.

Nahum my coolio:)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Just read your blog. I love seeing the family pictures. Everyone looks so happy. Glad you had a good family day.

Aunt Dot