Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More pictures!

Mommies baking helper!
Dad and the kids.
This is in our new house on the deacon's bench. How do you get two kids to look at the camera and both be smiling their best??? They make it look so easy at Sears!!!
What a handsome fellow!

Last but not least. May I introduce Brian George Ian Ratschmeier! (He's definitely a cutie and I wouldn't mind claiming his as mine!..) but this is my brother and his wife Lori's newest addition born on May 25th. Congratulations! He's a keeper.


Aunt Dot said...

Hi Amy
Thanks for posting the photos. You look great! The children are really cute. Nice to see you all looking so happy. I was just recording baby Brian's birth in Great Grandma Blackburn's Bible. She had recorded all her children's births. Grandma Blackburn had put all her children and grandchildren and I have been putting all the great grandchildren. I am just waiting for your new addition now. Keep blogging and I will keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Thanks aunt dot! That will be a very special treasure .. that bible i mean.. Keep at it:) Thanks for commenting too.. it makes blogging worth it to know that people are looking:) Love Amy

Valerie said...

Hi, here I am checking in too. Looking forward to hearing your news! :)

These pictures are really cute.